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19 Apr

Cologne Review: Avant Garde by Lanvin

avant garde lanvin cologne mens review 2

After taking Avant Garde by Lanvin for few outings, we’ve concluded that Lanvin has created a safe cologne that a man can’t go wrong with. The fragrance is billed as a modern day interpretation of timeless elegance and masculinity, and is designed for “modern day dandies”.
avant garde lanvin cologne mens review
Firstly, Avant Garde has a oriental-woody composition which immediately tickles our fancy, and then there are hints of beeswax and tobacco that that give it a manly touch. The spices are well balanced and not pungent, so if you like fresh and spicy tones, this could be the fragrance you’ve been looking for.

Secondly, we think Avant Garde is a decent cologne, but some will say it smells common (i.e., like many other men’s fragrances). But the use of Georgywood gives it that extra edge that we couldn’t ignore.

By using Georgywood, there’s an amber quality that compliments the fragrance’s top notes. It’s worth noting that the tobacco and Georgywood combine to give a strong and lasting touch that makes the cologne very long-lasting – by our count up to three hours.

Avant Garde has top notes that combine Madagascar pepper, Italian bergamot, pink peppercorn and juniper. The middle notes are composed of lavender, nutmeg, cardamom and beeswax whilst the intense base notes of benzoin, tobacco and Georgywood give it a lasting aroma.

Available via Harvey Nichols and most major perfume stores.

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