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13 Nov

Bread & Butter Skincare Review

Bread and Butter skincare review blog
Bread & Butter mens skincare review

Bread & Butter’s large typeface means you’ll never get your products mixed up

Bread & Butter Skincare Mens Review

Firstly, the Bread & Butter team get props for not putting fragrance in their products. Guys with sensitive skin or have acne will appreciate this. Their products are also well-formulated and contain proven ingredients like Glycerin, Vitamin A, C and E.

In particular, the Bread &Butter moisturizers deserve a shout out since they include Sorbitol, a humectant which prevents moisture loss and hydrates the skin by pulling water from the air.

Ingredients aside, men who travel often and take flights appreciate like that all the products are carry-on approved.

Bread & Butter Skincare Review

Which Bread & Butter products should you choose?

Face Moisturizer

Texture-wise, is a non-greasy moisturizer. However, this doesn’t mean it’s a particular recommendable product since plenty of moisturizers in the market are also non-greasy. Instead, choose this moisturizer if you’re against fragrance in your skincare products. Use this at night since there’s no SPF.

There is also a SPF 15 face moisturizer although with the harsh Australian sun, we recommend SPF 30 asthe minimum you should use on your skin.

Body Moisturizer

The winter season brings with it harsh weather and low humidity so men often get dry, cracked skin in unsightly places (e.g., neck/collarbone, elbows or hands). This moisturizer is labelled for the body, but don’t use it all over! You’re better off finding a more economic all-over-body moisturizer and use this as a go-to lotion for small patches of visible dry skin.

Bread & Butter Shave Gel:

If you’re a man with sensitive skin, then you’ll appreciate the minimal use of ingredients and lack of fragrance in this shaving gel. It includes Sunflower oi and Grape Seed oil which help lubricate the skin for a smoothing, closer shave. The lack of alcohol also makes this a winner.

Bread & Butter Skincare Review

All the Bread & Butter Products

About Bread & Butter Men’s Skincare

Canadian-based Bread & Butter understand how a lot of men feel about taking care of their skin – it’s a chore. So that’s why they’ve created a simple system for guys who might see skincare as a necessary evil. Not only does their range only contain six products, but Bread and Butter also let you customize your own skincare kit.

From the following options, you can decide what goes in your personal regime:

  • Facial Cleanser
  • Shave Gel
  • Face Moisturizer
  • Body Moisturizer
  • SPF 15 Face Moisturizer

You can either get a five-piece kit or a three-piece kit and have it delivered straight to your door.  The five-piece kit is $65, whilst the three-piece kit is $45. Bread & Butter also have a nifty 60 day return policy.


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