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Category: Men’s Style News

23 Jul

Lincoln Pilcher for MR PORTER’s The Journal

Lincoln Pilcher Nick Hatsatouris
  MR PORTER's online magazine, The Journal, is one of our favourite examples of branded journalism. Not only does it feature stylish men in dapper clothing, the editors also interview interesting characters, like New York-based bar tsar Lincoln Pilcher in their most recent issue. Having just launched new Hampton’s hot-spot, Moby Dicks, the stylish Australian talks about his latest business venture, his love of both city and beach life and his favourite hot-spots in Sydney. Did we mention the man is dating US supermodel Carolyn Murphy? Some men just have it all. Read Lincoln Pilcher's full interview here. ...
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23 Jul

Thorocraft Spring/Summer 2015 Preview

Thorocraft Spring Summer 2015 Preview
While classic footwear pieces never go out of style, a man can't just have derby shoes and brogues in his closet. This is precisely where California-based Thorocraft comes in. Known for pairing classic silhouettes with bold styling, the footwear brand makes luxurious leather shoes without the pretension. Take their 2015 Spring / Summer season collection which takes inspiration from desert landscapes in the US. Focusing on breathability, the handcraft trainers feature laser cut patterns and adapt the classic Huarache dress style for a refined look. ...
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15 Jul

The Only Sweatshirt You’ll Need: Noble Denim

noble denim sweatshirt review
This single pocket sweatshirt from Noble Denim is our new favourite sweatshirt It's official, sweatshirts are in. What was once relegated as a wear-at-home-only garment, the humble sweatshirt has been elevated to new heights in menswear. As the New York Times reported, designer brands have jumped on the sweatshirt bandwagon and are now producing luxury versions of the basic sweatshirt. Many of these come in bold colours and statement-making graphics - and hefty price tag. But if you prefer to not fork out an arm and a leg for a wardrobe staple, may we introduce the classic and understated classic Noble Denim sweatshirt. This sweatshirt from Noble Denim is understated and avoids loud graphics Crafted from...
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12 Jul

Mr Porter & Net-A-Porter Expand Australian Marketing Efforts

mr porter hamilton island week
Mr Porter and Net-A-Porter are strengthening their commitment to the Australian market by partnering with Hamilton Island Race Week Our favourite menswear site MR PORTER.COM and its sister website NET-A-PORTER.COM have announced their partnership with this year's Audi Hamilton Island Race Week. It's a smart marketing move by the NET-A-PORTER Group as the company aims to tap into Australia's elite circles. It's also the latest example of online retailers widening their reach and audience with event partnership and sponsorships. Looking good whilst sailing has never been easier with Mr Porter. As the largest international offshore regatta in the Southern Hemisphere, the Hamilton Island Race Week has evolved to more than just on-water racing - it's become...
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8 Jul

Neoprene in Mens Fashion: Its Rise and Uses

High end designers like Lanvin to retailers like Zara have all embraced the humble neoprene in men's fashion Neoprene isn't a fabric you'd consider for everyday wear. In fact, most would think of it as a material exclusively reserved for scuba diving and water sports. But in recent seasons, we've seen menswear designers inventively use neoprene on their runways and look books. What used to be a low-cost synthetic rubber materials is now prized for its flexibility and ability to keep shape in hot and cold weather. Fashion designers are also realising neoprene is very practical fabric - it's perfect for colder seasons as it keeps you insulated, and it's also easy to care for. But what...
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1 Jul

How to Wear the Trend: Camouflage Print for Men

how to wear camouflage trend mens
The Camouflage Print Trend for Men This season saw the emergence of bold patterns and prints in menswear, with plenty of designers choosing camouflage as a key theme in their collection. Lots of men tend to be put off by camouflage thinking that it's a print best suited in a game of paintball, but the truth is, when it's worn in the right way, camouflage can look effortless on any guy. Why should men wear camouflage? Some men are deterred by camouflage because they think that it's difficult to pair with other items of clothing. But the reality is, camouflage can be worn with many things. In fact, a camouflage tie can be a great addition to one's work wardrobe since it makes...
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1 Jul

Ermenegildo Zegna announces new Couture Room,or.&bvm=bv.70138588,d.dGc,pv.xjs.s.en.NEFxWyL6TiE.O&biw=1344&bih=672&wrapid=tlif140417925147921&q=milan+Via+Montenapoleone&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&ei=NBOyU4TUC8bg8AWN-YGAAw&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAg
Ermenegildo Zegna's new Couture Room in Milan's famed Via Montenapoleone Italian luxury label Ermenegildo Zegna has announced the launch of its new Couture Room in Milan's Via Montenapoleone which houses its Couture collection by Stefano Pilati launched during Milan Fashion Week. The new Couture Room is designed by Peter Marino, the “Leather Daddy of Luxury” as described by the New York Magazine and blends the traditional heritage of Ermenegildo Zegna with an industrial aesthetic, resulting in an ivory colour palette. Using gouged Satinwood mixed with antique bronze and dark metals, the room has a luxurious yet intimate atmosphere. The Couture Room in the Milan Global Store is furnished with hand-made wool and silk carpets, as well as vintage armchairs by Tobia...
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12 Jun

Sponsored Video: Tiger Beer unveils #UNCAGE Campaign

tiger beer uncage campaign video anthony chen
Tiger Beer has unveiled its new regional advertising campaign which aims to salute those who live their life uncaged. Featuring three talented individuals who live their lives unfettered by society’s expectations, the #uncage campaign aims to evoke the spirit of the Tiger Beer brand - restless, bold and daring. The campaign features Hong Kong-based tattoo artist Joey Pang, Singaporean director Anthony Chen (who recently won Cannes Camera D’Or for his debut film ‘Ilo Ilo’) and Thailand-based stuntman Charlie Ruedpokanon who are all ‘uncaged heroes’ and not your typical 9-to-5 worker. The campaign also interesting in that it challenges many of Asian society’s norms, where one is expected to get a 9-to-5 job and stick to it until retirement. Talk to most Asian parents...
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6 Jun

hook + ALBERT Accessories Traveler

hook + ALBERT Accessories Traveler
If you're anything like Ryan Bingham, the perpetually-travelling executive played by George Clooney in 'Up in the Air', you'd drool over the sight of this Accessories Traveler from hook + Albert. Made from waxed canvas and featuring leather trimming and stainless steel hardware, this is one sleek looking case for all your travel needs. With bindings, pockets, clips, secure straps and bevels for every accessory, you can pack it up, throw it in your bag and all your pieces will be secure and safe on the go. Its well-thought out design includes detachable straps which act as fasteners which keeps loose accessories like cufflinks, tie bars and ties all in one place. It's ultimate handy pouch for frequent flyers. Check out how...
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15 May

New Balance Re-issues Iconic 997 Sneakers

New Balance 997 sneakers 5
The New Balance 997 sneaker first hit the market back in 1991. Sportswear companies re-issuing iconic retro sneakers is nothing new - the Air Jordan III and Nike Flyknit Racer are two recent example which spring to mind - but they often produce lackluster results. It's as if the brands already know that sneaker-enthusiasts will rush to buy the re-issued sneakers, and therefore don't bother putting too much thought into how their aesthetic or comfort. Luckily, with the recently re-issued New Balance's 997 sneakers, it's a different story. Originally released in 1991, the New Balance 997 is a favourite amongst sneaker collectors and it was only a matter a time before it came back. Staying true to the...
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15 May

Saba launches #SABASTYLED Campaign

Saba campaign sabastyled
Amongst other creative minds, architect Kelvin Ho was chosen as the face of the #SABASTYLED campaign Australian-based retailer SABA has launched a new campaign which celebrates the makers, creators and doers of the local community. From art to architecture, music to dance, nature to technology, SABA's latest #SABASTYLED campaign celebrates a range of creative minds, their stories and style.   Through a series of black and white portraits shot by famed fashion photographer Rodger Deckker, #SABASTYLED provides an intimate insight into Australia's top creative and cultural leaders who each exhibit their own personal style. As part of the campaign, Saba is offering the chance to win a $5,000 wardrobe - all you have to do is share your SABA look...
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13 Apr

Craig Green for Purified Slip-ons for 2014

The Craig Green x Purified Slip-ons as seen in the Craig Green Spring/Summer 2014 show This season sees the first collaboration between Craig Green and footwear specialist Purified. The result are two slip-ons constructed from hand tie-dyed cotton canvas with a statement silicon strap. The canvas' print is almost galactic and when paired with silicon it has a wonderful futuristic aesthetic to it. SHOP ...
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6 Apr

Graphic T-Shirts We Like for Spring/Summer 2014

Graphic tees were everywhere in menswear shows for Spring/Summer 2014. L-R: Raf Simons, Casely Hayford, Christopher Kane and Miharayasuhiro Graphic t-shirts were everywhere in the Spring/Summer 2014 menswear shows. In most cases, they were worn casually and paired with shorts and relaxed trousers. However, in some shows, such as Miharayasuhiro  and Casely Hayford, graphic tees were created with a more formal aesthetic. Now that the Spring and Summer season is finally here and retailers have are stocking the latest collections from various designers, here is our list of our favourite graphic tees for Spring/Summer 2014. L-R, Top to Bottom: Sibling Graphic Printed Cotton Jersey T-shirt, AMI Floral Graphic T-Shirt, Raf Simons 'Super Nylon' Graphic T-shirt, Marc by Marc...
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5 Apr

H&M Opens First Australian Store in Melbourne

H&M australia
The H&M Australia opening in Melbourne's GPO attracted a crowd of over 3,000 people. Fast fashion megabrand H&M has finally opened their first Australian store in Melbourne's GPO. The new Australia flagship store has been highly anticipated and spans 5,000 square metres in the heritage building, making it one of H&M's largest stores globally. As the first H&M store in Australia, it will showcase apparel, underwear and accessories for men, women, kids and babies as well as the brand's own homeware line, Home Concept. As part of the launch, a specifically designed 'Australian Exclusive Collection' is also available. The line features 47 items which cater to the Australian lifestyle. In particular, the men's collection drew inspiration from the Australia...
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1 Apr

Gillette Launches Limited Edition Australian Razor

gillette australia razor football sponsorship
The special edition of the Gillette Fusion ProGlide features five blades for a super close shave You don't often see the words "grooming" and "patriotism" put together, but that's exactly what Gillette is trying to do with its new Limited Edition Fusion ProGlide Australian razor. The new razor may feature patriotic colours - the classic Aussie green and gold - but it still has the brand's famously thin blades to ensure your shave is super-close. The new razor is part of Gillette's 'Inner Steel' campaign which aims to capitalise on the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil. MORE ...
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30 Mar

5 Korean Menswear Brands You Need To Know

korean brands mens fashion you must know
In recent years we've seen Korean fashion, culture and music dominate the world stage. Whether its the addictive beats of K-Pop (thanks to a little song called 'Gangnam Style'), Samsung's cutting edge technology or the proliferation of Korean cuisine and restaurants, it seems Korean culture is everywhere. In fashion and menswear, we've seen a similar trend. Korean fashion brands - in particular, menswear brands - are  increasingly being recognized for their unique aesthetic, innovative cuttings and tailoring. Korean designers are now sought after by major brands and we've seen how department stores are devoting entire sections dedicated to Korean menswear brands. Here we've put together a list of the top Korean menswear brands you need to know. Wooyoungmi If...
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15 Mar

Zara Reveals Refurbished Flagship Store at Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall

zara sydney pitt street mall
The newly refurbished Zara at Sydney's Pitt Street Mall Zara has reopened its new-look, expanded store at WestfieldSydney’s Pitt Street Mall following an extensive refurbishment. The international retailer’s flagship store spans approximately 2,100 square meters over three architecturally designed levels, including a new entrance on level two as part of the Westfield centre. The spacious new layout has grown by almost 300 square meters including 29 new fitting rooms and an updated façade. The new store offers the latest autumn winter collections for women, men and kids tailored to suit the Australian climate with key pieces designed exclusively for the Southern Hemisphere. The Pitt St store also stocks the Zara Woman Studio Collection that is only available at limited stores around the world. The...
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17 Jan

Best Men’s Watches Under $500 (2014 Edition)

In our technology-saturated world, an unfortunate trend has emerged: men no longer wear watches. For some reason there's a breed of men who believe their smartphone is a sufficient replacement for a watch. But we still believe that a quality time piece is an essential part to the modern man. Aside from its obvious purpose, a watch is also a statement of style and reflection of your personality - much like your shoes and tie. Whether you prefer a classic chronograph or a rugged Casio, your choice of watch says a lot about you, whihc is why we've put together this list of Best men's watches under $500. Best Men's Watches Under $500 (#1-5) The Luminox 3000 Series...
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