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Category: Menswear Basics

1 Jun

How To Pull Off the Hawaiian Look

How to Pull off the Hawaiian Look
How To Pull Off the Hawaiian Look Love it or hate it, the Hawaiian look is always around the corner.Whether it's an office party, or a hot, humid day, there will be times when everyone seems to want a piece of tropical paradise. And when most people think "Hawaiian", the dreaded in-your-face-Hawaiian shirt comes to mind. But the Hawaiian look is more than that. It's not that Hawaiian shirts are inherently a bad idea, it's just that it takes some thought to pull off the look. So we've taken the thought out and gathered three ideas on how to pull off the Hawaiian look: Whisper Aloha Like all loud prints, a little goes a long way. If you want to embed a Hawaiian spirit into...
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21 May

10 Best Ties We’ve Seen This Month

Best Ties - JCrew Slim Embroidered Silk-Twill Tie
Best Ties We've Seen This Month - Top Ten Obama knows a tie make or break a man's outfit. Notice how in debates and large scale events he wears a bold red tie, and for more intimate situations or TV appearances, he'll wear more toned down colours. Of course, a tie isn't just about the colour - though you might want to look as sharp as Obama. Here we've collected 10 of the best ties we've seen this month. From traditional pinstripe ties to cashmere ties, bold prints to more something more dramatic, we think these ties are worth mentioning - much more so than your average work tie. Band of Outsiders Twill Silk Tie The easiest way to update your tie collection this...
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5 May

How to Take Care of Leather

How to take care of leather care HommeStyler mens fashion blog
How to Take Care of Leather - Top 5 Tips Whether it's a leather jacket, a leather wallet to your leather belt or leather shoes, there's no denying that leather is everywhere. In fact, about 18 billion square feet of leather is produced globally each year, making it a $40 billion dollar business (and we're just talking about raw leather, not finished producst!). Seeing that leather is such a critical part of men's fashion, it's important to take proper care of leather. Well-kept leather can last a very long time and can be one of the timeless pieces you have in your wardrobe.

Proper leather care goes a long way

Some Background on Leather: Leather is essentially the hide or skin...
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9 Mar

The Holdall Bag: Men’s Fashion Basics

The Holdall is one of the modern man's treasured accessories. It's a practical and classical piece that should hold all that a man needs in a weekend getaway trip. Not surprisingly then, the holdall bag is also known as the weekend bag. A holdall bag should easily hold all your gadgets, a change of clothes and a pair of shoes. The holdall bag should be roomy but not heavy, durable yet won't be confused with a Samsonite, and most importantly, your holdall should be versatile and timeless. You want a bag that lets you travel seamlessly between work to play, complement your weekend attire and simultaneously be suitable for the office. Here, we've chosen five different holdall bags that make the cut. WANT...
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6 Mar

Your Ultimate Guide to Dry Cleaning

Your Ultimate Guide to Dry Cleaning Dry cleaning seems straightforward enough - drop off all the pieces you need cleaning and pick them up, right? - but the truth is, there are some simple ways you can the most out of your dry cleaning and dry cleaners. Here's your ultimate guide to dry cleaning. Why is dry cleaning called dry cleaning? Why is it termed 'dry cleaning'? The reason is simple: the entire process doesn't use water. Instead of your typical water and soap solution used in laundry machines, dry cleaning uses a solvent called perchloroethylene to eliminate odors, clear stains and keep garments looking fresh. Modern dry cleaning technology is a billion dollar industry and is increasingly an environmentally friendly business. Should I...
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14 Feb

10 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Suit (Part 2)

How to choose a suit header hommestyler vinspi part 2
10 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Suit (Part 2)

Thanks to the folks at Vinspi, HommeStyler is giving away a free custom suit!

This is Part 2 of our '10 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Suit'. Part 1 is here. Don't forget you have the chance to win a free custom suit from Vinspi - details at the end of post. Suit Tip #6: Pleats or no pleats If given a choice, our advice is to always go with pants without pleats. Having no pleats creates a tidy and sleek look that allows the fabric to drape effortlessly from the waist down. Larger men may prefer pleats because they offer more comfort and do not wrap too closely around the thighs. Unless...
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14 Feb

10 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Suit (Part 1)

How to choose a suit header hommestyler vinspi
10 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Suit

HommeStyler readers have the chance to win a free suit from Vinspi!

The suit is perhaps the single most important garment in any man's wardrobe. It's also the most misunderstood. Whilst many men wear suits daily for work, not everyone has their head around its details and intricacies. Whether it's an inappropriate fit, the wrong fabric, or the lack of attention to the buttons and lapels, we still see amateur mistakes on even the best looking guys. So HommesStyler enlisted the help of Ivan Lim, Founder of Vinspi Tailored Suits Online, to help decipher the 10 key tips to choosing a killer suit. We’ve split this piece into 2 parts. Here is the...
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23 Jan

How to Choose Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

How to Choose Sunglasses for Your Face Shape men hommestyler blog
How to Choose Sunglasses for Your Face Shape Sunglasses are not only a fashion staple, they're also utilitarian, protecting our eyes from harsh ultraviolet rays (and let's not forget they allow us to discreetly check people out). But like any fashion piece, sunglasses get abused. Aside from the sinful act of wearing sunglasses indoors, many people choose sunglasses that are unflattering to their face. They select sunglasses those frames don't match their face shape meaning they end up accentuating features that shouldn't be in the spotlight. To choose the right sunglasses for your face shape, you need to firstly know what face shape you have. There are four main types of face shapes: Square face shapes Triangle face shapes Round face shapes Oval face shape Whilst our...
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13 Jan

Men’s Fashion Basics: Wellington Boots

how to wear wellington boots for men
Men's Fashion Basics: Wellington Boots With the rainy weather hitting us lately, it’s the perfect time for men (and women) to try out the Wellington Boot (aka Gum boots) to brave the weather. Unfortunately, very few men wear Wellington boots, and it’s a shame because they’re one of the most utilitarian shoes a man can own. Here, we'll look how to wear Wellington boots without looking like a stable boy. Wellington's Rubber Construction Means Comfort Unlike many other footwear choices, when choosing Wellington boots, comfort should be your top priority. After all, it's not like you'll be going anywhere special when wearing gum boots. There’s nothing worse than having your feet cramped and wet on a gloomy day. When choosing a pair of...
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30 Oct

Men’s Fashion Basics: The Polo Shirt

how to wear polo shirts with jeans
Men's Fashion Basics: The Polo Shirt The humble polo shirt is a piece of clothing most men have in their wardrobes. It's a simple, classic piece that works for many occasions - particularly for Summer and warmer seasons. Brief History of the Polo Shirt It was the French tennis player, Rene Lacoste who created the modern polo shirt in 1933 and made it a wardrobe basic. Since then, every designer has had their there twist on the polo and it now comes in various colours, prints and fabrics. How to wear a Polo Shirt It's difficult to go wrong with a polo shirt, but there are some mistakes that guys make when they buy or wear it. Should I tuck my polo in? In most cases, you...
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27 Oct

Men’s Fashion Basics: How to Wear a Skinny Tie

hommestyler - how to wear a skinny tie
Men's Fashion Basics: How to Wear a Skinny Tie As someone who has a smaller frame, the skinny tie is my preferred tie of choice. For a lot of guys, skinny ties actually look more proportionate and less bulky than a normal tie. If you don't own a skinny tie, or have one somewhere deep in your wardrobe, it's time to dust it off, 'cause this post is on how to wear the skinny tie. What is a skinny tie? Before we go on about how to pull off a skinny tie, you should know what is a skinny tie. Normal ties are usually 3.5 inches in width, but skinny ties are between 2 and 2.5 inches. The result is a thinner tie...
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14 Oct

Men’s Fashion Basics: Boat Shoes

boat shoes blue featued image
Men's Fashion Basics: Boat Shoes Boat Shoes (also known as Deck Shoes) are the quintessential summer shoes. They exemplify a relaxed style, go well with shorts and trousers and most of all, are practical. Originally, boat shoes were designed for sailors and boat-goers to safely walk around the deck. Before they became fashionable footwear, boat shoes had a siping pattern on the sole which provided the wearer with a strong grip on slippery and wet surfaces. Although you'll see this less and less now, a pair of well-made boat shoes would still have this feature. How to wear boat shoes: The modern boat shoe should be a sophisticated twist on practical footwear and should be in every man's wardrobe. Now that more brands making...
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7 Oct

Men’s Fashion Basics: Oxford Shirt

Oxford Shirt black closeup
Whilst HommeStyler is a lot about the latest and best in men's fashion, we believe that the basics of men's fashion is something that needs to be burned into the brains of every man. So this Men's Fashion Basics series is exactly about this, where we revisit a basic item in menswear. The Oxford Shirt The Oxford Shirt is basically a dress shirt made from the Oxford cloth. (And yes, it's named after the university.) The advantage of the oxford cloth is that it's very durable. That said, if it's 100% cotton, it'll wrinkle very easily. So the Oxford shirt's best friend is the iron. If you don't like ironing, then look out for a synthetic blend - the less cotton there...
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