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1 Jul

How to Wear the Trend: Camouflage Print for Men

how to wear camouflage trend mens
The Camouflage Print Trend for Men This season saw the emergence of bold patterns and prints in menswear, with plenty of designers choosing camouflage as a key theme in their collection. Lots of men tend to be put off by camouflage thinking that it's a print best suited in a game of paintball, but the truth is, when it's worn in the right way, camouflage can look effortless on any guy. Why should men wear camouflage? Some men are deterred by camouflage because they think that it's difficult to pair with other items of clothing. But the reality is, camouflage can be worn with many things. In fact, a camouflage tie can be a great addition to one's work wardrobe since it makes...
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6 Jun

hook + ALBERT Accessories Traveler

hook + ALBERT Accessories Traveler
If you're anything like Ryan Bingham, the perpetually-travelling executive played by George Clooney in 'Up in the Air', you'd drool over the sight of this Accessories Traveler from hook + Albert. Made from waxed canvas and featuring leather trimming and stainless steel hardware, this is one sleek looking case for all your travel needs. With bindings, pockets, clips, secure straps and bevels for every accessory, you can pack it up, throw it in your bag and all your pieces will be secure and safe on the go. Its well-thought out design includes detachable straps which act as fasteners which keeps loose accessories like cufflinks, tie bars and ties all in one place. It's ultimate handy pouch for frequent flyers. Check out how...
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18 May

Search for the Perfect Man Bag #1: Paul Smith Holdall Bag

manbag paul smith holdall bag
I have a confession to make: I'm always on the hunt for a new bag. It's an addiction which I readily admit but have failed to do anything to curb it. When I'm out shopping (or online shopping), the first thing I look for are bags. So to help track my addiction, I'm starting a new section for this blog where I'll be looking at all the bags I want. I call it the 'Search for the Perfect Man Bag', and it starts with this holdall bag from iconic British retailer Paul Smith. I've always loved Paul Smith how its unafraid to play with quirky details; what could have just been a classic slick textured-leather holdall, now comes with a accented...
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15 May

New Balance Re-issues Iconic 997 Sneakers

New Balance 997 sneakers 5
The New Balance 997 sneaker first hit the market back in 1991. Sportswear companies re-issuing iconic retro sneakers is nothing new - the Air Jordan III and Nike Flyknit Racer are two recent example which spring to mind - but they often produce lackluster results. It's as if the brands already know that sneaker-enthusiasts will rush to buy the re-issued sneakers, and therefore don't bother putting too much thought into how their aesthetic or comfort. Luckily, with the recently re-issued New Balance's 997 sneakers, it's a different story. Originally released in 1991, the New Balance 997 is a favourite amongst sneaker collectors and it was only a matter a time before it came back. Staying true to the...
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13 Apr

Craig Green for Purified Slip-ons for 2014

The Craig Green x Purified Slip-ons as seen in the Craig Green Spring/Summer 2014 show This season sees the first collaboration between Craig Green and footwear specialist Purified. The result are two slip-ons constructed from hand tie-dyed cotton canvas with a statement silicon strap. The canvas' print is almost galactic and when paired with silicon it has a wonderful futuristic aesthetic to it. SHOP ...
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6 Apr

Graphic T-Shirts We Like for Spring/Summer 2014

Graphic tees were everywhere in menswear shows for Spring/Summer 2014. L-R: Raf Simons, Casely Hayford, Christopher Kane and Miharayasuhiro Graphic t-shirts were everywhere in the Spring/Summer 2014 menswear shows. In most cases, they were worn casually and paired with shorts and relaxed trousers. However, in some shows, such as Miharayasuhiro  and Casely Hayford, graphic tees were created with a more formal aesthetic. Now that the Spring and Summer season is finally here and retailers have are stocking the latest collections from various designers, here is our list of our favourite graphic tees for Spring/Summer 2014. L-R, Top to Bottom: Sibling Graphic Printed Cotton Jersey T-shirt, AMI Floral Graphic T-Shirt, Raf Simons 'Super Nylon' Graphic T-shirt, Marc by Marc...
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30 Mar

5 Korean Menswear Brands You Need To Know

korean brands mens fashion you must know
In recent years we've seen Korean fashion, culture and music dominate the world stage. Whether its the addictive beats of K-Pop (thanks to a little song called 'Gangnam Style'), Samsung's cutting edge technology or the proliferation of Korean cuisine and restaurants, it seems Korean culture is everywhere. In fashion and menswear, we've seen a similar trend. Korean fashion brands - in particular, menswear brands - are  increasingly being recognized for their unique aesthetic, innovative cuttings and tailoring. Korean designers are now sought after by major brands and we've seen how department stores are devoting entire sections dedicated to Korean menswear brands. Here we've put together a list of the top Korean menswear brands you need to know. Wooyoungmi If...
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27 Jan

5 Valentine’s Day Gift That Will Get A Man Excited

valentines day gift for men
Finding the perfect Valentine's Day gifts is as much of a headache for women and it is for men. After all, when it comes to gifting men, they want presents that are practical, classy and fun. Not many gifts fit into this category so we've put together 5 very wide-ranging Valentine's Day gifts below that will no doubt get a man excited. The Go Pro Camera is no-brainer Valentine's Day gift for any man. Go Pro Camera When a camera can go skydiving, go underwater and weigh lighter than a pack of cards, you know it's a sure-win gift for a guy. The Go Pro Camera - touted as "the world's most versatile camera" - has been around for...
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17 Jan

Best Men’s Watches Under $500 (2014 Edition)

In our technology-saturated world, an unfortunate trend has emerged: men no longer wear watches. For some reason there's a breed of men who believe their smartphone is a sufficient replacement for a watch. But we still believe that a quality time piece is an essential part to the modern man. Aside from its obvious purpose, a watch is also a statement of style and reflection of your personality - much like your shoes and tie. Whether you prefer a classic chronograph or a rugged Casio, your choice of watch says a lot about you, whihc is why we've put together this list of Best men's watches under $500. Best Men's Watches Under $500 (#1-5) The Luminox 3000 Series...
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7 Dec

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men [2013 Edition]

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men [2013 Edition] Lurking underneath the bright lights and festive cheer in the lead up to Christmas and Boxing Day, is headache for those of us who need to buy gifts and presents. This is a common experience shared by men, but by women too. After all, what should a lady get for the important men in her life? If there's one thing we've taken away from writing for a menswear blog, it's that the modern man is a curious creature. When it comes to gifts, they don't just want something practical - they want something classic and timeless. So in the lead up to the 2013 Christmas, we've put together 10 timeless Christmas gift ideas for men...
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1 Dec

REVIEW: UE Boom 360 Wireless Speaker

UE Boom Speaker Review Logitech 360 wireless
[youtube id="kwSzsCMLghc" width="600" height="350"] We're not exactly audio geeks here at HommeStyler, but we can always appreciate a good set of speakers. So when we were asked  to review their UE Boom 360 Wireless Speakers, we jumped at the chance. The first thing we noticed about UE BOOM was its shape and compact size. Unlike your typical speakers, the UE BOOM is a cylinder. It's also extremely portable, measuring just 21 cm by 8 cm (diameter) - the size of a small bottle of water. It's also light enough to fit in any backpack and weekend bag. UE BOOM is the length of a pen and width of bottle of water UE BOOM's major selling point is that it's...
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18 Nov

Bared Shoes

bared shoes
Bared shoes were designed by podiatrist Anna Baird Here at HommeStyler we often gush and ooh-and-ah over a lot of good looking shoes, but in most cases, there isn't much more than what meets the eye. After all, a handsome pair of shoes often nothing more. So when we were told that an Australian brand had developed smart-looking shoes with comfort and support in mind, we were intrigued. Bared shoes have been around for a while, but they've only recently ventured into men's shoes where they have a range of boat shoes, dress shoes and desert boots. Their claim to fame is that they are designed by a podiatrist and made to be comfy and supportive without looking...
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5 Nov

Best Online Stores for Mens Shoes

best online stores for mens shoes
If there's one menswear saying that I truly believe, it's that you can judge a man by his shoes. A lot of men make the mistake of buying cheap shoes thinking that they shouldn't spend too much on something that's going to get kicked around. But the truth is, what you put on your back may go out of fashion and style someday, and so it's the shoes you wear that speaks volumes about what kind of man you  really are. In this post I've rounded up some of the best online stores when it comes to men's shoes. When I'm talking about shoes, I don't mean sneakers, sandals or espadrilles, but shoes suitable for formal occasions and work - monk...
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25 Oct

5 Best Brogues for this Summer

Best Brogues for summer mens
There's nothing more we like than a good pair of brogues. Timeless, classic and effortless are some of the key adjectives we'd use to describe the brogue shoe. Not only are they a great way to upgrade an outfit, but they're also a must-have investment to any man's wardrobe. You can wear them up with suit pants for a formal look, or wear them down with rolled up jeans. Unfortunately, the formality associated with brogues confuses many men into thinking it is mostly suited to colder seasons. In fact, brogues can easily be integrated into your summer wardrobe. Here are some of our favourite pairs of brogues for this summer season.   Mark McNairy Suede Wingtip Brogues Suede brogues...
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24 Oct

Gucci Bamboo Cuir Leather Suitcase

Gucci Bamboo Cuir Leather Suitcase men
There are two types of people in this world: those who penny-pinch when traveling and those who don't. If you liken yourself to the latter, then you might as well travel with style and take this bamboo cuir leather suitcase from Gucci with you. This leather luggage bag, measuring an airport-friendly 18.5" x 12.6" x 5.5", is not only great for a weekend getaway, it's also utilitarian with its plentiful pockets. There's an interior smart phone and zip pocket, as well as zip closures in the front and for the leather tags. What we love about this cuir leather suitcase is its hardened bamboo handle. This bag is in fact an extension of Gucci's iconic 'Bamboo Bag' range which began more...
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24 Oct

Mr Black Garment Essentials Review

Mr Blacks Review denim wash refresh
Mr Blacks Garment Essentials has two standout products: Denim Wash (L) and Denim Refresh (R) Denim manufacturers recommended that denim jeans and products shouldn't be washed for up to six months to retain its shape, colour and wash. But let's face it, we often wear denim jeans when we care the least - so what should you do when your favourite pair of denim doesn't look so fresh? Enter stage left: Mr. Black’s Garment Essentials care range of product which are specifically formulated to refresh and wash denim jeans - minus the washing machine. The Australian brand focuses on one fundamental idea: that you should care for your denim. Seeing that your denim is not only a wardrobe...
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23 Oct

Orlebar Brown Bulldog Swimshorts

This pair of swim shorts from Orlebar Brown feature their iconic 'Bulldog' cut With Summer fast approaching Sydney, there's no better way to get ready than to go for a swim. If you're over all the boring monochrome or printed swim shorts, this pair from Orlebar Brown will definitely get your attention. Featuring a print from seaside photographer Gray Malin, this pair of swim shorts shows a carefree day at a Caribbean resort. The shorts are cut in the brand's iconic 'Bulldog' cut, meaning it is tailored, has a mid-length finished as has a side adjuster for the perfect fit. The side adjusters means the shorts cater to a wide range of body shapes and removes the bulky...
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22 Oct

17 Best Menswear Stores in Sydney

best menswear stores in sydney
Whether you're traveling to Sydney or a long time Sydneysider, one thing you'll notice is the plethora of mens clothing and menswear stores and shops in the city. Male shoppers in Australia's most populous city are increasingly fashion-savvy, so here we've listed our list of the 17 best menswear stores in Sydney. Let us know if you have other Sydney menswear store you think should be on this list in the comments section below. Best Menswear Stores in Sydney #1-5 Harrolds Harrolds is Sydney's premier store for luxury menswear Sydney's premier destination for luxury menswear is undoubtedly Harrolds, located inside the city's central Westfields shopping mall. It is the go-to menswear shop for fashion-conscious crowds and there you'll find big names...
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