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Category: Product Reviews

26 Dec

5 Organic Products Every Man Should Own

organic skin care products men
5 Organic Products Every Man Should Own Organic and natural products have been all the rage in skin care, but it’s only in recent years have there been quality men’s skin care products that are both organic and natural. The stuff you put on yourself – your skin, face, body and hair – should just be as wholesome and all-natural as the food you eat. Here we’ve put together the top organic products every man should own.   A. Weleda Moisture Cream for Men This is a lightweight and potent cream that locks moisture in your skin using organic jojoba seed oil, leaving your skin refreshed and relaxed. It’s a great choice if your skin has been looking rough from a few nights out...
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19 Dec

Review: Glacier Tropical Sunscreen 20 SPF

Glacier Tropical sunscreen spf 20 zinc oxide natural sunscreen mineral
Review: Glacier Tropical Sunscreen 20 SPF Since living in Australia as a young teenager, it’s almost ingrained within me to never leave the house without sunscreen. The harsh Australian sun – along with the massive hole in the ozone layer - means that a sunscreen is critical every day, not just for days at the beach. Which brings me to the Glacier Tropical Sunscreen 20 SPF; a well-formulated physical and mineral sunscreen. This means that the key ingredient (in this instance, zinc oxide) sits on top of the skin and acts as a sun-reflective barrier. This is opposed to chemical sunscreens that work through absorption into the human skin to protect it against sun rays. Needless to say, our preference is to use...
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29 Oct

Grooming Review: Bluebeard’s Revenge, Dermalogica Shaving Range and Derby

bluebeards revenge shaving products
Here are three of the latest men's grooming products that we've reviewed at HommeStyler. The Bluebeard's Revenge Heralding from the UK, Bluebeard's Revenge has some pretty slick shaving products. They bring the art of shaving back into mainstream grooming and have a complete set of shaving products, with a shaving cream, post-shave balm.. and a brush too. The Bluebeard's Revenge shaving range is a very man's man product line, evident from the distinctive smell. The application of their shaving cream is thick and frothy and feels cool on the skin. It reminds us of old school barbers where they'd lather shaving cream on your beard. The post-shaving balm is excellent. It feels velvety, leaves the skin smooth and thoroughly moisturized. It also contains...
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5 Oct

Review: Lock Stock & Barrel – Hair Care for Men

Three Lock Stock & Barrel products recently arrived at our review desk here at HommeStyler. Lock Stock & Barrel is a men's hair care and hair styling brand that originates from the land of well-groomed men; the UK. Unfortunately, they have a surprisingly limited nine products in their entire range - seven styling products and two conditioning shampoos in total - but this means our post here reviews a full third of their range. We would've liked Lock Stock & Barrel to have video tutorials on how to use their products, but their website doesn't give a lot of information. What's worth mentioning though is that that their products haven't been tested on animals. We trialled two of Lock Stock & Barrel's styling...
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28 Sep

Cologne Review: Narciso Rodriguez for Him

narciso rodriguez
We at Hommestyler believe good things should be shared. However, the reason we haven't shared and reviewed a cologne is because it's such a intensely personal thing. What we may love, some guy will no doubt hate, and vice versa. So bearing this in mind, we want to share our current cologne of choice, Narciso Rodriguez for Him. We've been using Narciso Rodriguez for Him practically every day for the last eight months. Why do we like it? It has a lasting smell that doesn't change throughout the day. That's not to say it smells flat, rather, the deep musk in it lingers in the air and makes you want more. It's dry and has aromatic wood undertones. It's blend of...
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