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Category: Watch Reviews

17 Jan

Best Men’s Watches Under $500 (2014 Edition)

In our technology-saturated world, an unfortunate trend has emerged: men no longer wear watches. For some reason there's a breed of men who believe their smartphone is a sufficient replacement for a watch. But we still believe that a quality time piece is an essential part to the modern man. Aside from its obvious purpose, a watch is also a statement of style and reflection of your personality - much like your shoes and tie. Whether you prefer a classic chronograph or a rugged Casio, your choice of watch says a lot about you, whihc is why we've put together this list of Best men's watches under $500. Best Men's Watches Under $500 (#1-5) The Luminox 3000 Series...
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13 May

Bentley B06 Chronscope by Breitling for Bentley

Bentley B06 Breitling for Bentley. 2
Bentley B06 Recently, at one of the world's biggest and most respected watch and jewellery shows, Baselworld, Breitling for Bentley released a series of new timepieces. The watches celebrate ten years of the Breitling for Bentley brand and are chronographs, each equipped with in-house motors. In particular, we love the Bentley B06 model. Billed as the "perfect emblem of the Breitling for Bentley spirit", the watch is exactly what you'd expect from a high-end watchmaker: a head-turning design combined with sophisticated watchmaking. The selling point of the Bentley B06 is the “30-second chronograph” system, which was inspired by a 1926 Breitling patent which ensure extremely accurate 1/8th second time readings. In addition to this, the Bentley B06 is...
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29 Apr

Nixon 42-20 Chrono Watch in Tortoise

Nixon 42-20 Chrono Watch in Tortoise review
The Nixon 42-20 Chrono Watch in Tortoise There's just something retro about tortoise shell, whether it's on the frames of glasses or, in the case of Nixon, on their 42-20 chrono watch. If you're looking for a unisex watch that will bring you from work to play, then the 42-20 Chrono by Nixon is your watch. About the Nixon 42-20 Chrono Watch in Tortoise The 42-20 chrono watch by Nixon has as custom six hand Japanese movement with your run of the mill chrono features as well as a handy date feature. The 42-20 chrono has three dial faces as well as a second-hand. Whilst some might find the dial face too complicated, we think it works well and...
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2 Feb

Hugo Boss Red Liner Chronograph

Hugo Boss red liner chronograph watch
If you're a man who likes his watches clear and functional, then you should compare your purchases to the Hugo Boss Red Liner Chronograph. The clean watch display strikes a balance between looking modern and being functional. Featuring a 24 hour movement, a stopwatch and tachymeter (the time scale around the rim of a watch), this is one of those watches that are suitable for every man on any occassion. The movement is from Miyota, a Japanese wristwatch movement that's widely used. There are those who claim that Swiss movement wathes are the only timepieces worth buying, but Japanese watch movements are on par in terms of pricision, detail and accuracy and are - more often than not - much more reasonably...
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1 Jan

[GIVEAWAY] Hugo Boss Gents Chronograph

Hugo Boss 1512630 Gents Chronograph 3
  Win this Hugo Boss Gents Chronograph! All you have to do is like us on Facebook and tell us what your new year's resolution is below for a chance to win. Ends 20th January 2013. The winner will be notified personally. I'm personally into timepieces that are clean and minimal – think Junghans or Uniform Wares watches – but then there are times when you need a watch that can handle some outdoor adventure. That's not to say you'd throw this Gents Chronograph by Hugo Boss carelessly, but it does have a masculine touch that some men prefer with their watches. This chronoscope features a black dial with silver hands as well as clear date display. There are also three smaller dials that...
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9 Dec

Kenneth Cole Gents Chronograph Brown Strap Watch

Kenneth Cole Gents Chronograph Brown Strap Watch
I will be the first to admit that in my mind, the words 'Kenneth Cole' and 'watch' do not come as an automatic pairing. But when I was shown this Gents Chronograph Brown Strap Watch, my heart jumped a little. I can't pinpoint why I felt that way. Maybe it's the colour. For one, the brown dial is a nice change from all the boring white dial faces. Secondly, the brown croco grain leather strap is irresistible to any watch lover. It particular works well here and it adds a touch of luxury to what would otherwise be an urban-looking watch. The brown case has a rustic and vintage feel to it and it's made of stainless steel. The dial face is protected by a mineral...
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6 Oct

Burberry introduces The Britain watch

Burberry Britain Chronoscope Men header
Burberry is famous for its trench coats and umbrellas, but they've just unveiled The Britain, a new watch that might make you think twice about the British brand. [youtube id="Mgur2C386O0" width="600" height="350"] “The Britain is the embodiment of our rich, British heritage and all our inspirations,” said Christopher Bailey, Burberry's Chief Creative Officer in a media statement. “It’s a very personal project that we have been working on for a long time – The Britain is this powerful balance of modernity and tradition, mixing strong attitude and innovative design with craftsmanship and timeless quality.” The Britain is no doubt a new direction for Burberry's watch division, with particular features that make it stand out from their previous timepieces: Multi-faceted case construction reflects light through a...
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15 Sep

Junkers Chronograph 6684-2

Junkers Chronograph 6684-2
Junkers (pronounced Yung-kers) was a famous German aircraft manufacturer founded by Hugo Junkers in 1895. Nowadays, the company has expanded to producing intricate timepieces. The Junkers Chronograph 6648-2 celebrates 150 year since its founder's birth and is inspired by pilots and German precision. It features a black dial with luminous markers, luminous hour and minute hands, a date window at 4:00 - and even an alarm function. Water resistant at 100m, this practical timepiece looks way more expensive than it really is. [SHOP]...
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27 Jun

Fortis Frisson Watch by Rolf Sachs

Fortis Frisson Watch Rolf Sachs Limited Art edition

Fortis Frisson Watch by Rolf Sachs

Swiss brand Fortis Watches is famous for two things: as the world's first manufacturer of automatic wristwatches, and secondly, their uncanny collaborations with various artists. So its no surprise that the Fortis Frisson Watch, done in collaboration with German artist/designer Rolf Sachs is a literally, a breathtaking watch. In French, 'frisson' means shiver or chill and implies a cool, distant attitude - a quality reflected in the materials in the watch, steel case, transparent silicon strap and luminous coated hands. But what's special about the Fortis Frisson Watch? The wearer of this watch is encouraged to physically touch and interact with the glass by wiping their finger over or breathing upon the frosted...
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12 Jun

UTS 4000M Diver Watch

UTS 4000M Diver Watch Review
Sure, no one really needs a watch that resists pressure from over 12,000 feet of water, but that doesn’t stop us from lusting after the UTS 4000M Diver Watch. The latest creation from German watchmaker UTS Munchen, the UTS 4000M Diver Watch comes in two versions, a GMT with the ETA 2893 and a 3-hander with the ETA 2824. The watch is the creation of mechanical engineer Nicolaus Spinner who set the bar in the world of deep divers watches in 2004. Back then, the limit was 3,000m below surface. To handle the immense underwater pressure (and to show off to your friends) the watch includes a stainless steel plate that holds a 6MM thick AR-coated sapphire crystal in place. AR refers...
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10 Apr

Flud Big Ben Wood Watch Review

Flud Big Ben Wood Watch Review Blog header
In an era when so much of fashion is disposable, we try to look out for style pieces that stand the test of time. However, we sometimes come across accessories that are just too cool too pass on, of which the Flud Big Ben Wood Watch epitomizes. Aptly named the London Big Ben, Flud has created a traditional granddaddy clock face, but the real selling point is that it's made from wood. From the wooden dials to interchangeable wood-linked bands, the Flud Big Ben wood watch comes in four different materials, Oak, Black wood, Redwood and Birch. Unlike the Ralph Lauren Sporting Chronograph we previously reviewed, the Big Ben wood watch isn't subtle and it won't go under the radar. It demands...
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3 Apr

Chopard Classic Manufactum

161289-3001 Classic Manufactum white
While the three individuals who have won the biggest lottery jackpot in US history sit at home and let reality sink in, we are only dreaming of what we'd buy with that load of cash. (Here, here and here are some initial ideas.) Something to add to that list is belongs to the new watch collection from Chopard, aptly named 'Classic'. The first watch in the line is the Classic Manufactrum which made its debut at the Baselworld Watch Fair. Inspired by the pocketwatches of the Bell Epoque, the Classic Manufactum is a timeless piece. Available in 18-carat rose, white or yellow gold, this timepiece with is equipped with the calibre Chopard 01.04-C, a new mechanical self-winding movement developed in-house and produced in...
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7 Mar

Ralph Lauren Sporting Chronograph RL67

We usually don't dig watches with canvas straps, but when Ralph Lauren comes up with this beautiful Sporting Chronograph RL67, we stand up and take notice. The RL67 is based on the popular RL Sporting Black Ceramic Sporting Chronograph that was released in 2011. For 2012, Ralph Lauren has added a rugged touch with an olive green canvas strap. Luckily, this has a leather backing and a steel buckle which means it retains its luxury roots and still manages to keep the case safely in place. On the topic of the case, its made from steel and features a unique gunmetal-like finish. The tangerine second hand is a great touch of design that makes the watch look modern and not too stuffy. The...
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5 Feb

Timex ‘Intelligent Quartz’ Flyback Chronograph – Watch Review

We're digging the 'Intelligent Quartz' Flyback Chronograph, possibly one of the best things to come out of Timex.

Timex 'Intelligent Quartz' Flyback Chronograph in tan and black leather

This race-inspired timepiece is part of their Intelligent Quartz collection and features a technological design with a modern and  sleek display. It has four independently powered hands and a new movement from Timex's century old timekeeping legacy. Featuring a 43 mm blackcase with two different leather strap types (sand and black), this chronograph looks far much more expensive than its affordable AUD 164 price point. A very handsome timepiece for any occasion.   Available via Nordstrom....
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14 Dec

Uniform Wares Wristwatch

Uniform Wares 150-200-300 Steel Wristwatch
They say people judge a man by their watch and their shoes. If this is true, the Uniform Wares Wristwatch will tell others you’re a respectable, clean cut man with impeccably understated taste. All the collections from Uniform Wares were inspired by the simplicity of vintage sport watches and they all have a timeless appeal with a modernist touch.

Uniform Wares Wristwatch in different styles

 (Left to Right: Uniform Wares Steel Wristwatch 250, 300 and 150 Series) We have a thing for simple, elegant designs in our watches (see us rave over Issey Miyake watches and the Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope) – and Uniform Wares hits the spot. The prices are reasonable (ranging from £110 to £490) and the...
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10 Oct

Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope

header -Max Bill Chronoscope by Junghans - black
If there's one watch that stands the test of the time, it's the Max Bill Chronoscope by German brand Junghans. Originally designed by the master of the Bauhaus movement, Max Bill, it was an immensely popular watch back in the 1960s and now, it's being re-released. A chronoscope (aka chronometer/chronograph) watch is a specific type of watch that's been tested and certified to meet particular precision standard - and knowing how precise Germans are, the Max Bill Chronoscope is more an instrument of time than a simple watch. The Max Bill watch is a classic with a modern interpretation - it's embodies a timeless quality that's difficult to find at an affordable price. It's an understated timepiece with a contemporary feel. For...
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