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2 Apr

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

lamy safari fountain pen australia 2
With us writing less and typing more, the way you write and the pen you use speaks volumes. Can you imagine a high-flying exec writing with a $2 ballpoint pen? Unlikely. So instead of signing your name with a cheap pen, it's probably time to upgrade to  something like this Safari Fountain Pen by Lamy. The German pen makers have always been at the forefront of fountain pens, ballpoint pens, inks and other writing instruments, and the Safari Fountain Pen in particular is one of their star range of pens. Designed by Wolfgang Fabian - one of Lamy's lead resident designers - the range has been in production since 1980, and is a testament to its classic appeal. Knowing the Germans, the...
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1 Apr

5 Sneakers to Wear with your Suit

lanvin sneakers with suit
Pairing sneakers with suit may seem like a fashion crime, but as we've detailed our How to Wear Sneakers with Suits post, it's just another way to give your suit more versatility and to change up your wardrobe. Here are five sneakers that can be paired and matched with suits. When we chose these sneakers, the assumption is you already have a decent suit in place, if not, read our Top 10 tips on how to choose a suit. Once you've got your suit in place, the sneakers are the accessory, and these sneakers should be seen as such. Another criteria we measured these sneakers against is how wearable they are with other pieces in your wardrobe. What you'll find is these sneakers can...
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19 Mar

Persol Reflex Edition Sunglasses

Persol reflex mens edition sunglasses
The Persol Reflex Edition is inspired by vintage cameras It's fascinating to see how inspiration comes from different places. For example, in the latest runway collections we saw how arctic and icebergs were a major influence at Lacoste, and at Vivienne Westwood it was the financial crisis. So when Persol's new collection is inspired by the world of photography and analogue cameras, you shouldn't be surprised. Entitled Persol Reflex Edition, the Italian brand's sunglasses pay homage to the "cameras [which] have made it possible to save endless images of the world which surrounds us, and fix them in time and as the memories of generations". The result is that the designs in this collection look vintage and yet...
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