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1 Jun

How To Pull Off the Hawaiian Look

How to Pull off the Hawaiian Look

How To Pull Off the Hawaiian Look

Love it or hate it, the Hawaiian look is always around the corner.Whether it’s an office party, or a hot, humid day, there will be times when everyone seems to want a piece of tropical paradise.

And when most people think “Hawaiian”, the dreaded in-your-face-Hawaiian shirt comes to mind. But the Hawaiian look is more than that. It’s not that Hawaiian shirts are inherently a bad idea, it’s just that it takes some thought to pull off the look.

So we’ve taken the thought out and gathered three ideas on how to pull off the Hawaiian look:

Whisper Aloha

Like all loud prints, a little goes a long way. If you want to embed a Hawaiian spirit into your outfit,  ties and accessories are a good start. You might even consider shorts or bags with a Hawaiian print,  both can exude a beach-ready touch. As long as the rest of your outfit is, the print will been seen as an accessory.

How To Pull Off the Hawaiian Look

Hill Side Island Bow Tie & Norse Project Floral Cap

And if you’re at the beach already, then board shorts with a Hawaiian print will always be in style.

Think Muted Hawaiian

If you want to be more adventurous with the Hawaiian print, then go for pieces that aren’t that loud. Consider a muted colour scheme which will help tone down the aloha print.

Another consideration is a Hawaiian shirt with a dark base colour which brings down the level of gaudiness typically associated with the look. George Clooney’s stylist did a good job of this in The Descendants (his ridiculous good looks might have played a part).

For an English designer, Paul Smith is a good option for tropical prints. His shorts and accessories in particular are worth considering. Consider the below from ASOS.

How To Pull Off the Hawaiian Look










Go Loud-And-Proud Hawaiian

Sometimes, you just want to be the centre of attention, in which case we say ’embrace the loudness!’

Going all out on a Hawaiian look doesn’t have to be tacky as long as the print itself is reasonable. You could have your top or bottom all in Hawaiian print, and keep the rest simple. What we advise against is clashing Hawaiian prints together since it might cause seizures.

How To Pull Off the Hawaiian LookHow To Pull Off the Hawaiian Look

How To Pull Off the Hawaiian Look

How To Pull Off the Hawaiian Look

Above through ASOS.

With Hawaiian and other loud prints, it’s the the confidence that makes the outfit. Just peacock your way through the crowd and no one will doubt a thing.

Or if you want more inspiration for Hawaiian look, check out our Pinterest.

How To Pull Off the Hawaiian Look

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