Lanvin Resin Melusine Cap - HommeStyler

For the price of $600, one could buy many things. For example, a fridge, a table from IKEA and a group massage voucher from Groupon… possibly all three. So when Lanvin asks for $715 for a cap, you have to wonder:

A) What exactly the cap is made of?
B) Will I get my return on investment and
C) Who would buy it?

With the case of this Resin Melusin Cap – named after the female water spirit from European folklore – I can only answer two of the three questions. A) It’s made from 90% felt and 10% resin. The resin likely makes the cap waterproof, and therefore one could argue, it is B) a good investment when it rains. As to C), I’m still coming up with an answer.