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2 Oct

Le Edge Review – A New Exfoliating Tool

le edge review men 2

I recently received a new exfoliating device called Le Edge in the mail. Touting itself as “the next generation in exfoliation”, Le Edge is a razor-like tool with a stainless steel ‘edge’ to help remove dead and dull skin.

le edge review men

Le Edge comes in blue and pink packaging

How does Le Edge work?

Essentially, Le Edge is a physical exfoliator, meaning that when you slide it across your body, it helps get rid of old skin to promote younger skin. With summer around the corner, most people are bound to show some skin, so if you’re considering a day out at the beach, think about exfoliating first before grabbing your swim-shorts.

The packaging says Le Edge is safe to use on both dry and wet skin, I tried both and personally think it’s most comfortable to use in the shower. Not only does a warm shower open up your pores (an important part in exfoliating) but when you slide Le Edge across wet skin, it feels natural and not like you’re scraping off dead skin cells.

Personally, I prefer chemical exfoliators with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs); or with beta hydroxy acid (BHA), but Le Edge is a good choice for men who want physical exfoliation.

Of course, some men might use loofahs on their body, but I think a tool like Le Edge is way more hygienic since you can wash and dry it – even disinfect it if you want.

le edge review men

Le Edge when out of the packaging. It’s about the size of your palm.

Le Edge as a Pre-Shaving tool

Although Le Edge is mostly marketed as a body exfoliator, some men might find it useful as a pre-shaving tool. Exfoliation is important because men tend to have larger pores than women, meaning it’s easier to trap grim and dirt. By exfoliating properly, it reduces the chances of ingrown hairs and issues like razor bumps.

To use Le Edge as a pre-shaving tool, wet your face first with warm water and slide it in the direction of your hair follicle. Don’t slide it against your hair since this stretches the skin and damages your pores. You can then skip pre-shaving products and go straight to your razor.



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