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27 Aug

Leghilà Biz-Bags

Leghila Biz Bag -header

If you’re the type of person who likes no fuzz, simple designs and things in multiple colours, the Leghilà Biz-Bag will be just the thing for you. Made from neoprene, a soft yet tough material (that’s machine-washable!), the Leghilà Biz-Bag comes in a whooping 68 different colour combinations.

The Biz-Bags measure 40cm x 30cm x 9cm and also comes with a reinforced base, handy for those who need to lug a PC and documents around for work. Priced at an affordable EUR 150 each, we think these bags from Leghilà are a reasonable investment; certainly more interesting than your average business bag. You can purchase them directly at the Leghilà website or check out their dealers.

Also worth checking out is the Leghilà PC Case, which comes in 68 colours and also uses the neoprene material. Leghilà also sells helmets, though we’re not sure they would pass safety tests.

Arthur Chan

Arthur is the founder and editor Hommestyler. Men's style and fashion is constantly evolving and this site is a way to help keep you on top of the latest menswear trends.

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