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9 Jan

Men’s Hairstyle Trend 2012: Brit Rock Hairstyle

brit rock hairstyle mens hairstyle 2012 3

Men’s Hairstyle Trend 2012: Brit Rock Hairstyle

The Brit Rock hairstyle has been a staple on menswear shows in recent seasons, but it was the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Spring 2012 show that has made this style catch on, and it’s a hairstyle trend that will continue into 2012.

Inspired by British rock bands like The Beatles and The Animals, the Brit Rock hairstyle offers plenty of variations for guys to play around to suit their tastes. In essence; the Brit Rock hairstyle consists of shorter sides, with a medium fringe that is layered. The overall look is a little disheveled and textured, but always looks effortless.

The great thing about the Brit Rock hairstyle is that it’s versatile and most guys can make the hairstyle work for them. Below are some images that display the range of variations of the hairstyle and how, with different styles of cuts or products, it could work for you.

brit rock hairstyle mens hairstyle 2012

This interpretation of the Brit Rock hairstyle is disheveled and slightly messy, with the fringe significantly longer than the sides, and with plenty of volume at the top. The shorter sides balance the fringe, and avoids your head and hair looking too big. The fringe goes to the sides.


brit rock hairstyle mens hairstyle 2012

The above shows a more structured interpretation of the Brit Rock hairstyle, the fringe in this case is shorter (after a shower, it should be above the eyebrows ), but the texture is emphasized once again. Because the hair is short, this is vital to give more volume to the hair so it doesn’t look dull or flat.


brit rock hairstyle mens hairstyle 2012

Unlike the other above interpretations, this hairstyle is more clean cut and relaxed. Because the fringes are longer and will go over the eyebrows, the end result is hair that looks a bit choppy (in an effortless fashion). There is more hair at the top of the headwhich gives the shape that sustains the Brit Rock look.

Traditionally, the fringe was swooped either left or right, but in the 2012 catwalks, some of the fringes swoop forward to cover the eyebrows for a modern twist. British actor and Burberry model Douglas Booth (below)pulls off this new interpretation with ease.

brit rock hairstyle mens hairstyle 2012


Products to get the Brit Rock Hairstyle

To achieve the Brit Rock hairstyle, texture is of utmost importance. This may come from your natural hair, or the way the haircut is done (various layers with different cuts), or through products. To make the hairstyle work for you, talk to your hairdresser about what you want (print the photos above if needed) so they can advise what will suit your hair and face.

Some of the below products will also help you maintain the look.

brit rock hairstyle mens hairstyle 2012 L-R: Lock Stock & Barrel Ruck Matte Putty, Gatsby Air Rise and Taft Remodelling Paste


Brit Rock Haircut Key Notes:

  • Inspiration: Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2012 show, The Beatles
  • Key Characteristics: Short sides, medium fringe that goes forward or to the sides
  • This hairstyle suits: Guys with straight, wavy or curly hair
  • Products: Putty and paste. Choose shiny or mate products depending on personal preference.


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