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18 Jan

Men’s Hairstyle Trend 2012: The Quiff

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Men’s Hairstyle Trend 2012: The Quiff

The quiff has been around for ages, but 2012 will see the hairstyle evolve into dramatic variations. Gone are the days of subtle short quiffs, the new year will bring with it longer and taller quiffs with different textures that help elongate the face.

The dramatic but natural quiff

3 parts James Dean, 1 part Elvis is the way to go with the quiff in 2012. Think relaxed, unintentional hair that happens to point heavenwards. Avoid the full greasy look that Elvis spotted. Instead, choose products that give your hair to a natural shine.

The menswear shows for 2012 showed plenty of varying quiff hairstyles, some being more dramatic than others. The Dolce and Gabbana S/S 2012 show revealed a relaxed look with the hair flying upwards without the help of too much products. The hair ends were fluttery and crisp – more a result of the hairdryer than products and/or hairspray.


Men’s quiffs as seen on the D&G S/S 2012 menswear runway

On the other hand, the hairstyles seen on the Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 show had the quiffs swooping to one direction or another, with a focus on shape and less on the subtle textures. The look is ultimately more deliberate than the above. Notice how it is also strongly directional, which means more product was used to give the sharper look.

Hairstyles seen on the Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 Mens show. Image from iZ Andrew

Products to get the Perfect Quiff

Getting the perfect quiff is a difficult, but not impossible form of art. With the right products and some experimenting at home it is an achievable look for every day. Here are a few key steps to bear in mind:

  1. Use a good salt spray to damp the hair (the GHD Sea Spray is a winner here)
  2. Have a blow dryer on medium to high settings and use your fingers to move the hair upwards
  3. Continue to work from hair roots up with your fingers to give the desired hair volume
  4. Use a non-shine hair mousse or serum to give a final shine
  5. Hair spray to hold your quiff in place. Tip: To get a more natural hairstyle, work the hair spray near the roots and not the hair ends since this will reduce bounce and movement in the hair.

L-R: GHD Sea Spray, Elchim 3800 hair dryer and Tresemme Smooth No Frizz Ultra Light Shine Hair Spray


Men’s Quiff Key Notes

  • Influence: James Dean, Elvis and Morrisey circa 80s
  • Key Characteristics: Short sides, hair in the front swooped upwards in a dramatic fashion
  • This hairstyle suits: Guys with straight or wavy hair. Difficult for guys with curls.
  • Products: A good hair dryer and non-shine hair serum or hair spray for hold


Arthur Chan

Arthur is the founder and editor Hommestyler. Men's style and fashion is constantly evolving and this site is a way to help keep you on top of the latest menswear trends.

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    Thanks ! This was a great help to me :D x

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  • Joel

    Hmmm, so seems this one doesn’t work well if you have a widows peak?

    August 3, 2012 at 11:33 Reply

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