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22 Oct

Men’s Hairstyles 2013: Short Crop

Men's Hairstyle 2013 short crop Diesel Black Gold

Men's Hairstyle 2013 short crop Diesel Black Gold 2

The Short Crop in 2013

Of the various men’s hairstyles seen on the runway for Spring/Summer 2013, the most versatile is the short crop. Whether executed with a textured or a slicked side-part look, the short crop was a popular choice amongst designers. Off the catwalk, the short crop is also a popular choice. Not only is it easy to achieve, but it’s also simple to maintain.

Many men often want a new look for the season ahead, so bookmark this page or print the below images as reference for your hairstylist.

Short Crop: How to Get the Look

Monica Watts of Lawson’s Mens Hair says the key to 2013’s approach to the short crop is to re-style the traditional ‘short back and sides’.

“The key is to leave the weight on the top and around the sides. For an on-trend look like Josh [below], we lightly layered the top with scissors leaving as much length as possible to be able to achieve the look. Here we tapered the backline for a natural effect.”

Men's Hairstyle 2013 short crop homme styler

To get a short crop that’s balanced, you want to make sure the sides blend in with the top. Your hairstylist will always give you a mirror at the end of the cut, so scrutinize the outline of the hairstyle.

“With this particular short crop you can have the sides blended in with steep graduation to retain the weight on the top,” said Ms Watts.

Short Crop Styling for 2013

The short crop is a popular hairstyle amongst men because its easy to maintain. It is also suitable for various hair types.

For example, the below hairstyle from Balenciaga Mens S/S 2013 emphasizes the texture of the short crop. The look from Louis Vuitton is similar.

Men's Hairstyle 2013 short crop Balenciaga

The short crop from Balenciaga

Men's Hairstyle 2013 short crop Balenciaga

Guys with slightly curly hair could adopt a similar short crop from Louis Vuitton

On the other hand, Wooyoungmi’s S/S 2013 runway collection showed male models with a slicked short crop where he parted the hair. This would suit men with straight hair or hair types that respond well to products.

Men's Hairstyle 2013 short crop Wooyoungmi

Use medium to strong hold products to get this slicked short crop

Ms Watt says the short crop can be achieved by blow drying the hair and using a strong hold product.

“With our model, the stylist made sure the hair was damp then created a side-part from right to left. Then he dried Josh’s hair with a vent brush in the direction of the parting to create a semi-quiff.”

“The product we used with our model was the Lock, Stock & Barrel 85 Karats Grooming Clay with has a strong hold with medium shine. All you have to do is work the product with your hands then comb it into place with a vent brush.”

2013 Short Crop Hairstyles Lookbook

Men's Hairstyle 2013 short crop Diesel Black Gold

Diesel Black Gold

Men's Hairstyle 2013 short crop Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

Men's Hairstyle 2013 short crop Z Zegna

Z Zegna

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