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22 Jun

Monogrammed Leather iPad Case

monogrammed leather ipad case
monogrammed leather ipad case

The Monogrammed Leather iPad Case from Julie Boyles

We’ve been eyeing an iPad case for a while, but nothing in the market meets our needs. We want an iPad case that’s simple, work-friendly, made of leather and yet, looks smart and elegant. Add in the fact that we want it monogrammed, and you don’t come to many options. Luckily, we came across Julie Boyles’ store from Etsy where they offer this stunning monogrammed leather iPad case.

monogrammed leather ipad case

This leather iPad case is handmade and is sourced from premium vegetable tanned leather that’s been oiled and rubbed with antique brown patina. The inside of the case is also thoughtfully lined with a protective black coating. No fears of scratching your precious iPad here. The inspiration for this leather iPad case was the old envelopes and consequently, there are no metal parts at all.

monogrammed leather ipad case

monogrammed leather ipad case

Not only is the monogramming free of charge, but it also comes in a range of colours (we’re a sucker for choice). The iPad case also features leather buttons, braided cord closures as well a hand-sitched nylon cording. Available here.


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  • Steven James

    A beautiful classy ipad cases. How’s it in everyday use? I like pouches, I think they look better, but sometimes you can do with a stand function too.

    September 22, 2012 at 07:29 Reply

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