Remington Black Diamond X-System Rotary Shaver

It’s nice when you receive products in the mail, but it’s always better when it’s a quality product. Last week, I received the Remington Black Diamond X-System Rotary Shaver. For whatever reason, I’ve never used an electric shaver before, but now I’m converted. The Remington shaver gives a clean, close shave and has a great battery life – I haven’t charged it since first use.

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) Technology

If you’re currently using Remington shavers, then you can expect a much closer shave using this. It’s DLC coated dual close-cut tracks help reduce irritation and razor bumps. In fact, Remington’s studies show it gives a 400% smoother shave compared with their other rotary shaving products.

Remington’s Top Shaver

TheĀ Remington Black Diamond X-System Rotary Shaver has a dual track with 21 cutters on three independent flexing heads which adjusts to contours on your face and neck. There’s also a convenient shaving time indicator to remind you when you need charge next so you’ll never be caught out mid-shave.

Shave more in less time

Like most electric shavers nowadays, the Remington Black Diamond X-System Rotary Shaver is completely washable. It gives a full 60 minutes of shaving time. To charge it takes 90 minutes, but it also has a five minute charging option for those on the go. Includes a storage pouch, charging stand and cleaning brush.