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5 Oct

Review: Lock Stock & Barrel – Hair Care for Men


Three Lock Stock & Barrel products recently arrived at our review desk here at HommeStyler. Lock Stock & Barrel is a men’s hair care and hair styling brand that originates from the land of well-groomed men; the UK. Unfortunately, they have a surprisingly limited nine products in their entire range – seven styling products and two conditioning shampoos in total – but this means our post here reviews a full third of their range.

We would’ve liked Lock Stock & Barrel to have video tutorials on how to use their products, but their website doesn’t give a lot of information. What’s worth mentioning though is that that their products haven’t been tested on animals.

We trialled two of Lock Stock & Barrel’s styling products, and one shampoo.

RUCK MATTE PUTTY –We enjoy a matte finish to our hair, and this product does the job well. It provides a classic messy texture – great it you have a fringe and want a choppy look. It’s not sticky on the fingers, and despite its ‘medium hold’ label, it actually holds much better than other putty products we’ve tried. It smells like candle and we were pleasantly surprised at how it easily it washed off. 60g, $25.50.

85 KARATS GROOMING CLAY – Firstly, this clay does not look appealing – it actually looks like murky glue – but we think this is the product that would suit most guys. It’s very versatile and gives sufficient volume to flat hair.  It has a medium hold similar to the putty and gives matte finish. Our only complaint is that it doesn’t wash off that well. 60g, $25.50.

RECHARGE SUPER MOSTURISING AND CONDITIONING SHAMPOO – Lock Stock & Barrel designed this for guys with “unruly, thick, coarse, dry or frizzy hair”. In the product description it says the shampoo contains Cationtic Polymer, Humectant A and Quaternum 80 – basically hairstyling jargon for ingredients that keep moisture in your hair. Whilst we can’t tell an immediate difference to our hair, we can tell you that it smells great. It doesn’t foam up too much and we’re digging the packaging. 250 ml, $22.50.

HOMMESTYLER’S THOUGHTS ON LOCK STOCK & BARREL: A decent hair care and product range for men. Reasonable pricing and doesn’t have that awful overwhelming smell.

Available in Australia via Space M.

For more info on the entire Lock Stock & Barrel hair care and styling product range for men, check out:

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