Viktor & Rolf’s new Spicebomb cologne for men has arrived and as its name suggests, it is an explosive fragrance. It has a overflow of oriental aromas – spicy and woody at the same time – and has an unusual gender-defying tenor to it.

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are known for their edgy take on things, but Spicebomb is more mainstream and feels like an exercise for the Amsterdam-based fashion house to increase profit margins. It has peppery top notes which blend into a leathery and woody smell. The saffron and the musk combine together for an aroma that’s warm and sweet.

Much like Tilda Swinton – Viktor & Rolf’s muse – Spicebomb has an androgynous quality. The sweetness of the vanilla is moderated by the woody notes and the spices have a smoky surprise to it. It’s a versatile fragrance and mostly a crowd-pleaser.

On to the negatives of Spicebomb: the tacky packaging that makes the cologne look cheap and childish, so aesthetically, Spicebomb falls short in our books. Also, it has moderate lasting power meaning if you want to smell great all night long, this wouldn’t be on your list.

Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb includes notes of pink pepper, cinnamon, bergamot, vetiver, red pepper, elemi, leather, grapefruit, and tobacco. Available in Eau de Toilette concentration, 50ml and 90 ml bottles.

And in case you want need sexy music to convince you, here’s the TV ad for Spicebomb:

Available via David Jones (Australia) and most perfume departments around the world.