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4 Oct

The Best G1 Flight Jacket for the Modern Man

Private White VC have modernised the WWII G1 Flight Jacket by using heritage fabrics and a slim cut Thanks to Top Gun, in which Tom Cruise played the hunky Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, men have been lusting after the G1 Flight Jacket for decades. What you may not know is the jacket was first introduced as uniform for the American Navy and Marine Corps back in WWII. Over the years, the classic jacket has since been updated and appropriated and hangs in the wardrobes of many men. Even on eBay one will find pages and pages of 'authentic' G1 Flight Jackets, but in our eyes, none come close the version recently introduced by British heritage brand Private White VC. When the horror of knowing that...
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15 Apr

Private White VC Twin Track Jacket

Private White VC Twin Track Jacket
Private White VC Twin Track Jacket in lightweight blue Chambray Perfect for the recent change in weather, the Twin Track jacket from Private White VC encapsulates the quintessential British quirkiness with effortless style and functionality. Although the history of the twin track jacket comes from European bikers, Private White VC's interpretation gives it a modern twist and is a great addition to any man's spring wardrobe. Designed by former head of menswear at Dunhill, the Twin Track has a detachable 6cm front panel which lets you wear it from warm to cold seasons. It also comes in a variety of fabrics. We particularly like it in blue Chambray, a super soft denim that's durable and light weight. Private...
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10 Dec

COS Nubuck Sleeve Jacket

Cos leather jacket
Finding the perfect leather jacket is a taxing task for many guys. Some like to go for the full-on biker look with creased leather and metal fastenings, while others prefer a more subdued style with less bling and more leather. There just never seems to be a leather jacket men can agree looks cool, that doesn't look to try-hard. If you prefer the subtle look, then COS's nubuck sleeve jacket should be on your to-buy list this season. It's like a hybrid between a traditional leather jacket and a baseball jacket. The jacket is minimalist and is an understated way to wear contrast sleeves. Made from 100% leather, with the sleeves in nubuck - a top-grain leather with a buffed finished -...
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18 Nov

The Publish Shop Coppleman Jacket

Publish Shop Coppleman Jacket
Despite their popularity on the runways, I've never quite been a fan of quilted jackets. For some reason they often look a bit too secondhand for my taste. But then there's the Coppleman jacket from The Publish Shop. It's like a cross between a varsity jacket and a quilted jacket - minus the thrift shop look. The quilted body is nylon whilst the sleeves are made from wool. The corduroy back yoke adds a nice touch of texture whilst the interior chest pocket is a welcomed touch. [$116 SHOP]  ...
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