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17 Oct

Piaget Polo S Launch in Sydney

Although the Polo S watch was introduced back in July, the Piaget team visited Sydney earlier this month to introduce it to the Australian market. The intimate event at Beta Bar was met with great fanfare as a new generation of the iconic Polo watch was unveiled. When Yves G. Piaget designed the original Polo watch in 1979, he intended it to be a watch to symbolize the luxurious lifestyle. As a result, Polo was the 'it' watch in the 1980s, and at one point made up for one-third of Piaget’s watch sales.   While the Polo has continued to be a integral part of Piaget's collection and heritage, the company knows its once iconic watch has been in need of an...
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11 Jun

Best Minimalist Watches for Men Under $500

best minimalist watches for men under 500
If you're a watch aficionado like myself, you'd be searching the internet for photos and reviews of watches until 3am. While this  addiction is both unfortunately and incurable,  it comes in handy when readers ask about what watches they should consider purchasing next. Of course, a watch is a very personal item and one should alway purchase a watch much like how he'd purchase any attire - with care and scrutiny. Personally I'm a big fan of minimalist watches which don't have complicated displays, nifty features or  so-called "cutting edge technology". Watches should serve their sole purpose: to tell the time and date. So here are some of the best minimalist watches for men under $500. These are men's watches which...
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17 Jan

Best Men’s Watches Under $500 (2014 Edition)

In our technology-saturated world, an unfortunate trend has emerged: men no longer wear watches. For some reason there's a breed of men who believe their smartphone is a sufficient replacement for a watch. But we still believe that a quality time piece is an essential part to the modern man. Aside from its obvious purpose, a watch is also a statement of style and reflection of your personality - much like your shoes and tie. Whether you prefer a classic chronograph or a rugged Casio, your choice of watch says a lot about you, whihc is why we've put together this list of Best men's watches under $500. Best Men's Watches Under $500 (#1-5) The Luminox 3000 Series...
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1 Jan

[GIVEAWAY] Hugo Boss Gents Chronograph

Hugo Boss 1512630 Gents Chronograph 3
  Win this Hugo Boss Gents Chronograph! All you have to do is like us on Facebook and tell us what your new year's resolution is below for a chance to win. Ends 20th January 2013. The winner will be notified personally. I'm personally into timepieces that are clean and minimal – think Junghans or Uniform Wares watches – but then there are times when you need a watch that can handle some outdoor adventure. That's not to say you'd throw this Gents Chronograph by Hugo Boss carelessly, but it does have a masculine touch that some men prefer with their watches. This chronoscope features a black dial with silver hands as well as clear date display. There are also three smaller dials that...
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10 Apr

Flud Big Ben Wood Watch Review

Flud Big Ben Wood Watch Review Blog header
In an era when so much of fashion is disposable, we try to look out for style pieces that stand the test of time. However, we sometimes come across accessories that are just too cool too pass on, of which the Flud Big Ben Wood Watch epitomizes. Aptly named the London Big Ben, Flud has created a traditional granddaddy clock face, but the real selling point is that it's made from wood. From the wooden dials to interchangeable wood-linked bands, the Flud Big Ben wood watch comes in four different materials, Oak, Black wood, Redwood and Birch. Unlike the Ralph Lauren Sporting Chronograph we previously reviewed, the Big Ben wood watch isn't subtle and it won't go under the radar. It demands...
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21 Sep

Issey Miyake Twelve and Twelve 365 Watch

Issey Miyake has always been the Japanese father of simplistic design and refined elegance. His watches are no different. The Twelve watches are all made from stainless steel and fine leather. The utilitarian design removes all marking and numberings, instead relying on the cleverly crafted twelve angles on the case to reveal the time. The Issey Miyake Twelve 365 is similarly a combination of utilitarian design and understated style, as the numbers indicate the hour, minute, seconds in addition to day/date.

Issey Miyake Twelve 365 Watch

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