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14 Feb

10 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Suit (Part 2)

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10 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Suit (Part 2)

Tips for Choosing a suit

Thanks to the folks at Vinspi, HommeStyler is giving away a free custom suit!

This is Part 2 of our ‘10 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Suit’. Part 1 is here.

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Suit Tip #6: Pleats or no pleats

If given a choice, our advice is to always go with pants without pleats. Having no pleats creates a tidy and sleek look that allows the fabric to drape effortlessly from the waist down.

Larger men may prefer pleats because they offer more comfort and do not wrap too closely around the thighs. Unless you have large thighs, it is still advisable to avoid pleats and take advantage of the cleaner aesthetic.

Suit Tip #7: Pockets

Sometimes it’s the little details can make a big difference to your suit’s look. Lim says it’s becoming common nowadays to see suit jackets feature an extra small pocket.

“This is called a ticket pocket which comes from its original use as an extra slot to keep train tickets. Beyond it’s functional beginnings, the ticket pocket has since become popular as a stylistic touch for fashionably discerning men,” says Lim.

Take note of the inside pockets of your jacket too. While no one can see it, you can use it for items like phones and card holders. Don’t expect to hold heavy items in the pockets since this will distort your jacket shape, but be mindful that you want enough pockets (or big enough pockets) to help carry everyday items.

Tips for Choosing a suit

Putting too much in your pockets can ruin the shape of your suit

Suit Tip #8: Jacket length is important

Lim says there is a common oversight when men purchase suits. Whilst they inevitably examine critical areas like the fit around the shoulders, chest and stomach, what they forget to notice is the length of the suit jacket.

Many men wear a suit jacket that is a bit too long for them which results in a baggy, ill-fitted appearance,” says Lim.

“My rule of thumb is to follow your (actual) thumb. Your jacket length should end somewhere between the base, to the tip of your thumb when you rest your arms on the side of your body. Too long a jacket makes you look short as the legs get covered up, while too short a jacket can appear too casual. Having the right length for your jacket can go a long way to making a good suit look outstanding.”

Suit Tip #9: Don’t forget your pants

After the jacket length, the second most overlooked part of a suit is the pants says Lim.

“Next time you’re at a wedding take a look around and chances are you will see quite a few men wearing pants that drop straight down from waist to foot,” says Lim.

“The unfortunate result is a shapeless look that seems like you stole your father’s pants.”

Tips for Choosing a suit

Two things to bear in mind for suit pants: knees and the cuff

Instead of letting your pants hang on your legs, consider having it come in slightly around the knees to give your pants more shape. Don’t bring in the knees too much as this can be uncomfortable when you sit.

For the cuff of your pants, try reducing the size slightly. If you want your suit to look tailored, it’s better to not have too large a cuff that swallows your shoe. Slightly smaller cuffs can contribute significantly to a better looking suit.

Suit Tip #10: Versatile Colors

Always go for versatile colors with your suits to match your different shirts and ties. The essential colors for every man’s wardrobe are black, charcoal, grey and navy. These four staples make mixing and matching a breeze.

Lim says that once these basics nailed down are nailed down, it’s time to start considering variations like brown, khaki, light grey, plaid and other shades of blue.

“Pinstripes are also a classic to mix up your suit range, but steer clear of thick stripes since they can be too loud. You can also mix things up with plaid fabrics which offer intricate detailing to your suit,” advises Lim.

“Suits also look great when dressed down for casual occasions, so having versatile colors make it easy to match with casual apparel. Start with the basics and move from there.”

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How to Win Your Free Suit

  • Leave a comment below telling us what you struggle with most when it comes to suit shopping. Can’t get the right fit? Nothing matches your style? Too expensive?
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One winner will be selected randomly. Giveaway ends 15 March 2012.

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