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25 Jul

9 Top Expert Tips for Packing Light


Our top tips to help you pack light and travel in style

For many people, travelling is both an exhilarating and stressful experience. Before one gets on a plane and arrives at their choice of destination, they must endure the ordeal of packing. So can do you ensure the packing process is painless and lets your arrive at your destination feeling light and refreshed? Here are our top time-tested tips for packing light and travelling in style.


Tips for Packing Light #1-3

Colour co-ordinate your clothes for light packing


Pre-matching your clothes is an easy way to eliminate clutter when packing for travels

One major obstacle to light packing is bringing too many clothes. While the old adage advises ‘Lay everything you want to bring and then take half away’, it’s more straightforward to be smart about your clothing choices upfront. One simple way to do this is by colour co-ordinating your clothes which will help rationalise what you’ll most likely wear when travelling.

For example, a blue oxford shirt is a man’s best friend when travelling because it can be worn with almost anything. It can also be easily dressed up in case you end up in a fancy restaurant.

Taking khaki chinos and smart, logo-free sneakers also make packing light and easy because they can be paired with t-shirts, collared shirts or jackets. In most cases, colour co-ordinating your clothes for travel means bringing wardrobe staples – it may be boring, but works.

Think ‘Russian doll’


Being clever with minimal space takes the hassle out of light packing

When packing, think of how Russian dolls stack into each other. You can save a lot of space and travel lightly just by adopting this mindset. When rolling your jeans (see above), you can put your phone adapter or your tie in the middle so you save suitcase space. When packing shoes, you can put socks or underwear inside to save space.


Learn the art of folding

The video below might just change your life – it can take just 2 seconds to fold a shirt. Learn it, memorize it and you won’t just be travelling light, you’ll be a quick packer too.

[youtube id=”kIDUDhpjhqo” width=”550″ height=”381″]

Tips for Packing Light #4-6

Embrace the roll


Rolling your clothes can help you pack light and save you time from folding

While folding your shirts can make packing light and quick, rolling has a similar effect. Garments with a thicker fabric are more suited to folding (think jeans and woollen jackets) because these won’t crease. They can also act as a cushion meaning you can line them around your suitcase to protect valuables or tech accessories.


An organiser: A light packer’s good friend


One of our favourite organisers – the Grid It organiser

Frequent travellers inevitable have some form of organiser to help them make packing painless and light. We love the Grid-It organiser (above) – it’s one of the most versatile organisers we’ve seen that can hold anything from USBs to pens.


Use bottle sets

light packing top tips best

Re-usable travel bottles like this four-bottle set make light packing easy 

Make packing less frustrating by keeping a grooming kit that’s pre-stocked with travel-sized products. Alternatively, pour your essentials in bottle sets like this carry-on approved set from Flight 001. These spill-proof bottles feature screw tops and are super handy for short trips.


Tips for Packing Light #7-9

Be airport security ready


Make use of your carry-on bag to help you travel light

Airport security is a necessary evil, so to ensure you breeze through security, pack key items in your carry-on. This includes your phone, keys, watch, coins and belt. Find a suitable carry-on bag that has a large pocket and pack all these key items inside once you’re at the airport.

When you go through security and show your ID, put it in your wallet inside the your bag. Then place your bag on the conveyer belt first, followed by your computer, toiletries and shoes. This means when your bag has gone through the x-ray, it will come out first – making it easier to refill when you’re on the other side.


Plastic fantastic

In most cases, plastic bags are bad, but when it comes to packing, there can never be enough. Not only can they be used as a dirty laundry bag, they also hold  your wet swimwear or dirty shoes. Zip lock bags perform a similar function.


Ditch the toiletries for lighter travel

light packing tips easy travel carry on

Toiletries like your razor and toothbrush are often provided at hotels and inns

When you think about it, if you bring all your toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, hair dryer etc – it adds up to a lot of space. If you use electric toothbrushes, then you’ll have to bring the charger and adapter if you’re going overseas. All of these accumulate space and can make packing a nightmare.

In most cases, you won’t need to bring your toiletries. Most hotels and inns offer these for free, and if they don’t, the closest convenience store will definitely stock them. So our tip for light packing: skip the toiletries.

Tell us what are your other top tips for travelling and packing light? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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