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1 Dec

REVIEW: UE Boom 360 Wireless Speaker

UE Boom Speaker Review Logitech 360 wireless

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We’re not exactly audio geeks here at HommeStyler, but we can always appreciate a good set of speakers. So when we were asked  to review their UE Boom 360 Wireless Speakers, we jumped at the chance.

The first thing we noticed about UE BOOM was its shape and compact size. Unlike your typical speakers, the UE BOOM is a cylinder. It’s also extremely portable, measuring just 21 cm by 8 cm (diameter) – the size of a small bottle of water. It’s also light enough to fit in any backpack and weekend bag.

UE Boom Speaker Review Logitech 360 wireless 4

UE BOOM is the length of a pen and width of bottle of water

UE BOOM’s major selling point is that it’s a a social speaker that’s suitable for outdoor occasions and this is precisely where it shines. Given its size, we were surprised at how loud and full the bass was (we attribute this to its 360 speakers). Whilst we feel the bass could be a little bit fuller, the sound quality is nonetheless fantastic. When you couple this with its up to 15 hours of battery life and wireless capabilities, UE BOOM is a decent companion for parties and social gatherings.

Whilst UE BOOM is supposedly water and stain-resistant (as in the ad above), its warranty sheet says keep it away from water. Still, we splashed a bit of water on it and nothing seems wrong so far.

UE Boom Speaker Review Logitech 360 wireless 2

UE BOOM is marketed as a water-resistant wireless speaker

At $199, UE BOOM doesn’t come cheap, but it’s a versatile and durable wireless speaker that’s perfect for on-the-go occasions. If you buy a second speaker, you can make them into a pair of wireless stereo speakers using the UE BOOM app (for iOS and Android devices only).

UE Boom Speaker Review Logitech 360 wireless

UE BOOM has 360 degree speakers and wireless capabilities

Something else worth mentioning is how UE BOOM’s USB cord (which doubles as the charger) is a neon yellow – making it easy to recognise amongst a pile of cords and extensions!

The bottom line: UE BOOM is pricey, but if you want a versatile and durable set of speakers for parties, this is it. UE BOOM comes in three colour skins: red, blue and black.


For more info about UE BOOM click here.

Note about installation: Installing UE BOOM through wireless was straightforward and painless. All we did was turn it on and activate our computer’s bluetooth, hit ‘Use UE BOOM as audio device’ and we were good to go. See below screenshot.

UE Boom Speaker Review Logitech 360 wireless 7

Installation is simple and easy

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