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19 Nov

What is Aftershave for?

What is aftershave for?
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Humans have been using aftershaves since the early 19th century

What is an Aftershave?

As the name suggests, aftershaves are used by men on their skin after shaving, although there are similar products for women too. Aftershaves come in a various forms like lotion, balm, gel or liquid. Usually, they contain antiseptic ingredients like alcohol to help prevent razor bumps or shaving cuts. Depending on the exact ingredients, aftershaves are often marketed as toners.

Why use an Aftershave?

Here are several good reasons:

  • Aftershaves help regulate your skin’s oil production

One of the key ingredient in aftershaves are astringents like alcohol, witch hazel or salicylic acid which help control the skin’s production of oil and sebum. This means that men who are troubled by oily skin or have acne should particularly look for an aftershave since it can alleviate other skincare concerns.

  • Aftershaves prevent razor bumps and breakouts

To soften the skin and facial hair, most men use hot or warm water whilst shaving. What the heat also does is open up your skin pores. Whilst this is great for cleaning the skin, exposed pores can trap dirt. An aftershave helps tighten and clean pores, which helps prevent dirt from entering the skin causing skin breakouts and irritation.

The astringent in aftershaves also helps disinfect the surface of the skin which therefore prevents infections of cuts, razor bumps or shaving cuts.

  • Aftershaves prepares your skin for moisturizing

An effective aftershave will balance the pH of your skin after shaving so that it’s ready for the next step in your skincare regime. Whether this is a moisturizer or a sunscreen, an it’s important to prepare the skin so it can better absorb the ingredients in other products.

Which aftershaves should I use?

Depending on your skin type, you should look at different products. For example, men with sensitive skin should avoid irritating ingredients, whilst those with sensitive skin might choose aftershaves with witch hazel as opposed to alcohol since it’s less drying.

Here are what would say are some of the best aftershaves in the market. As with all skincare products, you should sample a patch on your skin to see if it’s irritating. Note that due to the astringent ingredient,, there’s usually a slight stinging feeling when applied. This should just be temporary.


What is aftershave for men geo f trumperGeo F. Trumper Spanish Leather Aftershave

We’ve reviewed Geo F. Trumper products before, but this aftershave is a great example of a quality product from the British famed barber. The spanish leather fragrance is smells amazing and very masculine, but might irritate men with sensitive skin. This aftershave best for men with normal skin or skin that doesn’t get irritated easily. [$56 SHOP]

What is aftershave for men blog

Lucky Tiger Shop Aftershave Moisturizer

This product is great for travel since it doubles as a moisturizer and an aftershave. It also makes the skin feel cool with the menthol and keeps any itchiness at bay. The hint of mint is not pungent and is a nice touch to an effective dual-purpose product. [$10 SHOP]

What is aftershave for men witch hazel

Humphreys Witch Hazel Astringent

This is 100% witch hazel and has been since 1854. As mentioned above, witch hazel is an astringent, meaning it helps skin control oil and sebum. This has zero fragrance or alcohol, so is an ideal aftershave for men with sensitive skin. [$21.90 SHOP]

What is Aftershave forBaxter of California Alcohol-Free Aftershave Balm

Not the first time Baxter of California has been featured on this blog, and with products like the Alcohol-free Aftershave Balm, it won’t be their last. This aftershave not only soothes and protects the skin with aloe vera and allantoin, but it also helps disinfect the skin with tea tree oil. It also contains glycerin to prepare the skin for your moisturizer and/or sunscreen. An advanced aftershave that’s well worth the money. [$35 SHOP]


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